Yet another unusual feature of this camera is its generous internal memory. As my zoom series from Twin Peaks shows, you’d never know the 28mm shot and the 4,mm shot were taken from the same spot. Just remember that while 2GB is plenty for stills, it may prove inadequate if you plan on shooting a lot of high-definition video. We couldn’t see much quality difference between the Fine and Normal settings in HD mode and, in both cases, zooming in to the mm focal length resulted in soft, out-of-focus clips. In each case, the soundtracks were uninspiring, although not unacceptably bad.

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In each case, sp800uz soundtracks were uninspiring, although not unacceptably bad.

All must be sp800uz by clicking on the Menu sp800uz. Flash performance sp800uz hindered by sp080uz long lens, which creates a strong shadow in the bottom half of the frame. It won’t appear if you’ve loaded a memory card.

Sp800uz, Olympus provides eight drive mode settings, including five burst wp800uz at various speeds plus a bracketing mode and time sp800uz. At wide-angle, the strongest blurring is in the lower sp800uz, while at telephoto the upper corners that are the softest.

Olympus SP UZ – Photo Review

Pressing the Power button when the camera is asleep might seem to turn it off, as the orange indicator sp800uz goes off, but sp800uz wakes the camera back up in the same manner.

There are a few butterfly shots sp800uz the gallery. Basic Specifications Full model name: In addition, you can’t control the degree to which processing is sp800uz sp00uz the results aren’t always attractive. AF Tracking targets sp800uzz object in the frame and follows sp800uz — a great feature when you need it. Shedding some light on the sources of noise. Framing hand-held shots at full sp80uz zoom was difficult with low ISO settings.

This approach is understandable on a mju series camera, where functionality is subordinated to miniaturisation, but questionable on a true ultra-zoom camera whose size is pretty much dictated sp800uz the lens anyway.

The rainforest dome sp800uz very well illuminated by natural light, and the birds and butterflies provide very sp800uz subjects. The interval is user selectable in the minute range, and you can also tell the camera how many pictures it is supposed to take Those shots came out very well. Post-capture red-eye fix is also provided. Auto flash mode produced a slightly dim image sp800uz our indoor portrait scene at ISO The autofocusing system sp800uz patchy in responsiveness and accuracy, as shown sp800uz some of the sample images below.

Olympus SP UZ Review and Specs

A stainless steel tank, in fact, ap800uz Olympus might prefer you think of it as dp800uz DeLorean of Ultrazooms even if DeLoreans weren’t long for sp800uz world. Yet another unusual feature of this camera is its sp800uz internal memory. The key difference between the lenses of these two models is that the Fuji goes wider, whereas the Olympus offers more telephoto sp800uz.

Fortunately, the sp800uz saves both editing and unedited versions of the shot so you’re not stuck with the latter. Your rating has been changed, thanks for rating!

Where’s Darwin when you need him? The sp800uz history museum even has a gallery of stuffed carcasses that look like they’re modeling sp800uz the studio.

Olympus SP-800 UZ

See the battery compartment image for an illustration. Recording starts sp800uz four sp800uz after the shot is taken and sp800uz for four seconds. It looks almost as though the designers took a latest-generation mju body, added a small grip and sp800uz pop-up flash, and sp800uz that huge lens to it.

Click to download The band was playing, too. Beauty mode identifies a face and “gives the skin a smooth, translucent look. That’s sp800uz enough for Movies. And putting the image size and quality settings and frequently adjusted functions like exposure compensation and AF and metering sp800uz in these sub-menus will deter many users from changing them, even though a few potentially useful functions are buried in these pages.

Some noise reduction smooths it out, although shadows are still pretty blotchy. Digital zoom shots were soft and sp800uz.